2024 The 10th Shanghai International Education Study Abroad And overseas real estate immigration exhibition

↘Exhibition schedule
Exhibition arrangement time:  July 4th, 2024
Exhibition time:  July 5-7, 2024
Exhibition venue: Shanghai Mart Expo (No. 99, Xingyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai)

↘Exhibition overview
    The 10th Shanghai International Education Study Abroad and Overseas Real Estate Immigration Exhibition in 2024 It will be held from July 5-7, 2024 at the Shanghai World Trade Center, With the development of globalization, more and more people in China are choosing ways for their children to study abroad. International education, immigration, and buying a house can achieve investment and wealth goals, To build a showcase, exchange, trade, innovation, development, and cooperation platform for countries around the world. A one-stop comprehensive service exchange industry event. International educational institutions, study abroad service institutions, international academic institutions showcased in the exhibition Exhibiting companies from various fields such as immigration agencies, overseas real estate investment agencies, visa service agencies, and immigration service agencies gather in Shanghai.
   The 10th Shanghai International Education Study Abroad and Overseas Real Estate Immigration Exhibition in 2024 Three days will attract people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea, Cyprus, Fiji, Malta, Slovenia Qatar, Türkiye, Bahrain, Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands More than 20 countries and regions, including Switzerland, have professional audiences mainly from high net worth affluent individuals both domestically and internationally, Students and parents who consulted on-site, as well as wealthy individuals such as universities, students studying abroad, immigrants, homebuyers, intermediaries, and investors, attended the conference. We can allow you to directly face your intended customer base up close and provide a larger and broader platform for you to promote your project. So we are definitely your best choice and the best opportunity to enter Shanghai, China. The Shanghai International Education Study Abroad and Overseas Real Estate Immigration Exhibition has become a preferred venue for exchanging information, An excellent opportunity to showcase exhibitors. Co exhibition grand plan!

↘Title, sponsorship plan
Exclusive title unit: cost of 600,000 yuan (details and treatment available);
Sponsor unit: three sponsorship methods with cost of diamonds: 200,000 yuan; gold medals:160,000 yuan; silver medals: 100,000 yuan, and enjoy the special treatment provided by the conference (details and treatments available);

↘Exhibition scope
◆International education and overseas study: international educational institutions, international school admissions, international universities, study abroad agencies, young learners, overseas study tours, overseas primary and secondary schools Overseas colleges and universities, overseas language training schools, overseas vocational training schools, preparatory schools, overseas government education institutions, overseas employment agencies Visa service agencies, study abroad related services (banks, accommodation, airlines, law firms), entry and exit service agencies, etc;
◆Overseas immigration projects: investment in commercial immigration projects, immigration agencies, overseas study abroad institutions, and the latest immigration projects;
◆Overseas real estate developers: overseas real estate, apartments, villas, commercial properties, retirement real estate, real estate agents, neighboring water villas, resort hotels, castles Ski Resort, Yacht Wharf, Land Farm Winery, EB-5 Regional Center Investment, Overseas China Mall, etc;
◆Overseas investment institutions: investment banks, funds, financial investment institutions, international investment consulting firms, private equity firms, securities firms, legal service institutions;
◆Overseas medical service institutions: overseas medical treatment, overseas hospitals, high-end medical services, private doctors, visa processing, apartment accommodation, airport transfers, translation services, etc;

↘ Precisely oriented at high-end people, connect with exhibitio
The exhibition will mainly attract high net worth and affluent audiences from both domestic and international sources, and will be promoted through targeted promotion, Comprehensive joint marketing, with a wide range of targeted invitations to high-end affluent groups, students, parents, universities, study abroad, immigrants, homebuyers, intermediaries, investors, etc; Intended international education study abroad immigration clients, rich on-site activities, ensuring the attendance and participation of a large number of high-end customer groups. The visiting audience will include overseas real estate developers Real estate agencies, investment immigration, immigration agencies, overseas universities, study abroad consulting agencies, educational real estate agencies, financial investment agencies, high-end apartments Resort hotels, corporate executives, returnees, villa owners, upscale community owners, banks and securities companies, airlines, RV clubs High end media readership, medical service institutions, high-end service institution clients, high-end business training objects, shops and other overseas property and investment commercial immigration projects;

↘Site activity
This exhibition aims to provide opportunities for international educational institutions, international schools, overseas real estate institutions, immigration institutions, study abroad institutions, international investment and financial institutions Outbound tourism institutions provide communication platforms, and hold special promotion meetings, investment immigration and study abroad lectures, forum activities, etc. at the exhibition site. Each unit can apply to the organizing unit for hosting, please customize the exchange theme.

↘Terms and Conditions to attend the exhibition
1. Exhibitors shall complete the exhibition application contract form, sign and affix their official seal, and fax it to the organizer; The signature and seal of the organizer shall take effect.
2. Exhibitors must pay [50% (advance payment) or full payment] within 3 valid working days after registration, Otherwise, the organizer has the right to adjust or cancel their designated booth, The remaining payment must be made before June 5th, 2024, and we will issue an invoice after receiving all exhibition fees;
3. Principle of booth sequence allocation: "Apply first, pay first, arrange first"

↘Please contact the Organizing Committee for exhibiting matters
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QQ online consultation: 641801097
Email: wabc_2008@163.com
Website: www.shmeducation.com


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